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Welcome to Intuitive Body Sculpting & Aesthetics! I’m Chey Rivera, the Owner and Operator. With 14 years of experience in the Beauty, Health, Skincare, and Makeup Industry, I have dedicated my career to holistic skincare therapy, authorship, and sound healing practices. My journey in this industry has been an incredible adventure, rich with both highs and lows, each contributing to my personal and professional growth. I specialize in skincare and body contouring, utilizing a spiritual and holistic approach to promote healing from the inside out. Every day feels like a blessing, as I get to wake up and do what I love. As a skincare therapist, I find immense joy in the smiles, laughs, and heartfelt conversations I share with my clients. Educating my clients on the importance of skincare and having a routine allows me to give back the knowledge and insights I’ve gained throughout my career, and I am constantly inspired by what I learn from them. At Intuitive Body Sculpting & Aesthetics, we focus on nurturing your inner and outer beauty through customized treatments and holistic wellness practices. I invite you to explore our offerings and join us on a journey towards peace, wholeness, and vibrant health. Peace, Wholeness, and Vibrations, Chey Rivera Owner, Intuitive Body Sculpting & Aesthetics  

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